Say hello to temporary staffing, re-engineered.

Say goodbye to faxes, emails and endless games of phone tag. Book rockstar temporary workers from your staffing agency just like you book everything else in your life - online, 24/7, on your terms.

Zinterim enables you to search for, find and instantly hire skilled or semi-skilled temporary workers for short or long term work assignments from your temporary staffing agency - online, wherever, whenever, using any device.
Be a HR superhero! Fill temporary vacancies in minutes not hours or days.

Hiring ain't easy

The modern HR function faces severe hiring challenges - adapting to a volatile labor market, reducing time-to-fill, handling talent competition, sourcing quality talent. And then theres the challenges specific to temporary hiring - working with staffing agencies to sourcing talent quickly, making the hire, fast and effective onboarding so that they make a positive impact hour-one among others.
Zinterim provides a results oriented solution for temporary staffing.

How It Works

We make it super easy to get started with online workforce booking.

1. Accept your Invitation

Just accept the invite email from your Zinterim-enabled staffing agency to get started.

2. Customize your Profile

Build out your account and workplace profile to attract the best available talent.

3. Search for Talent

Filter staffing agency results by pay rate, location, experience, education, availbility and more.

4. Make a Work Offer

And just like that you're on your way to temp hiring nirvana - no fuss, no muss.


You've got questions, we've got answers.

Got questions about how to get started with our workforce booking platform?

We included answers to a few of the most common subjects and questions employers have about working with Zinterim. Feel free to contact us if you have a question or inquiry not covered here.

No. Zinterim is a booking platform used by staffing agencies to enable them to streamline the temporary workforce booking process for their clients.

Zinterim focuses on temporary staffing, but it is common for employers to work with their staffing agencies to retain contract employees for open-ended work assignments.

Well nobodys perfect. We'd be happy to work with your staffing agency representative to get their account set up fast so that you can start booking their contract workers online.

Zinterim doesn't charge employers for use of the booking platform or any of the Zinterim features.

Billing for the services of the contract worker is covered by the agreement you executed with your staffing agency. Zinterim is not a staffing agency and Zinterim doesn't replace your staffing agency. Zinterim helps you book your staffing agency's temporary workers faster and easier.

There are many excellent staffing agencies to choose from that would be happy to help you achieve your temporary staffing goals and objectives. Here is one place you can start:

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