Agency hints and tips

Basic Tips

Share Agency Details. Think like a Client or an Employee and tell them everything they’d want to know about your agency. Anticipate questions and set clear guidelines and expectations. Let your personality and your agency culture shine through in your profile.

Upload high-quality photos. Make a good first impression by posting a great profile photo. Upload a clear, good resolution, appealing photograph of the Agency representative in a professional setting.

Set competitive prices. Ensure your agency rates are in line with the industry and and reflect current demand, which fluctuates throughout the week and year. If you’re a new staffing agency, try lowering your price to attract your first few booking.

Communicate proactively. Send a message to your Client to coordinate booking details once a work order is booked with one of your employees. If details change, let your Client know as soon as possible. Remain available to Clients throughout the work assignment.